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Here you will find interviews of amazing experts who participated in the summit. They share their expertise and stories to empower you.
I created this summit series to be an inspiration so you can make choices that allow your dreams to come true.

Sovereign living refers to taking full responsibility over everything that is currently in your life and make decisions based on your own values and priorities. The sovereign has supreme power and freedom from external control, possesses a strong identy, authority and capabilies. Lives in their own terms and is not afraid to stand for his/ her vision. The sovereign does not compare him or herself to others because that would take them away from their true desires and personal vision.

Be the you that has fire, is fierce and walks the path with elegance, confidence, wealth and power.
The world is ready for you to show up in all your magnificence!


Silvia Rios is a Transformational Life Strategist, life coach who brings knowledge from different modalies such as Lifeline,
Bio-decodificaon, Reiki, Life Transformed coaching program and from her years of working in healthcare as a Physical Therapist and scrub nurse. Her mission is to inspire others to love who they are, express their inner radiance and to know that they are just one choice away from finding their happy


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