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Debbie Shuman Espinoza

“Knowing Your Worthiness”

Fiorella Garibaldi

“Moving Forward with Ease and Peace”

Heather Fink

“Deepening the Ability to Relate Authentically in Relationships”

Gale Ziccarelli

“Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone”

Dawn Gomez

“Self love and Knowing the Contribution We Are To The Planet”


Suyen Bailey
“Living and experiencing Life in our Authentic Heart Signature”
Judith Krug
“Importance of Self-love, Gratitude and Abundance”
Leslie Sandra Black
“Being a Lighthouse that Shines the Light through the Heart”
Aurora Hood Hammond
“Follow your Heart and You Intuition become Aware of your Multidimentional Self”
Dionnie Simone
“Moving Beyond Perceived Limitations”


Trissa Tismal-Capili
“Being Your True Divine Self”

Barbara Harumi Otis

“Helping Others without Forgetting Yourself”

Silvia Rios

“Radiance and Beauty from the Inside Out”

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