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“Essential oils and the Power of the limbic system “




New Wellness Perspective

Christina Rozema

I have worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years, and for the past 8 years, I was the Site Director for the Campbell River Hospital on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I was responsible for the overall site functioning — bringing together a diverse range of professions under different management structures to function as a cohesive whole system. The biggest success of my career was the successful design, build and move into both new hospitals in our communities. Then in July of 2020, I had a stress-induced heart attack at work…..this changed everything. Since then , I have been committed to my personal recovery and learning what brought me to this place.

Taking what I learned, I created “”New Wellness Perspective”” a coaching and education company that helps women find wellness by putting themselves first and investigating the mindsets that allow us to put everyone and everything else in front of our own needs.

In my coaching I use a variety of tools, especially Essential Oils, meditation and other stillness practices, and the excavation of limiting beliefs so women can make some major changes in where they put themselves on their own priority list.


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