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Jody Deane

Jody Deane

Jody Deane is a soul awakening coach, New Earth leadership mentor, multidimensional channel, intuitive empath, energy healer, breathworker, conscious comic, actor, inspirational speaker, author and host of the Flow Ninja podcast.

He specialises in helping heart-based leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries activate multidimensional magnificence, embody source consciousness and manifest their mission. He is also the founder of Step Out Of Time Retreats.

Jody offers an online group container called Flow Alchemy for spiritual entrepreneurs and heart-led leaders to boldly step into their highest joy frequency and move forward in their soul business with courage, kindness, community and accountability.

Jody looks and feels like the real thing, because he is. Authenticity is his calling card, and helping you understand who you really are and embody your soul’s purpose is his passion.

At a very young age Jody got interested in metaphysics, healing and spirituality. Later on he looked for the connection between creativity and consciousness which he incorporates into much of his work.

This led him on a quest of self-discovery which took him to India and beyond in his early twenties to learn from exceptional teachers, mentors and guides. Jody obtained a bachelors degree in Creative Arts from Bath Spa University, and has also trained in arts psychotherapy, spiritual coaching, energy healing, rebirthing breathwork, teaching, and professional acting.


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