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With Lisa Wood

“Resetting the nervous system thru movement”


Lisa Wood

My obsession with dance and movement began at a very early age, first with gymnastics and jazz dancing then moving on to the art of Classical ballet.

At age 17, I received a scholarship to study classical ballet in Germany which opened up an amazing portal and launch pad for my professional dance career. So many wonderful experiences were had but with it also came injuries, time off and much rehabilitation.

When I was not dancing I immersed myself in other studies such as pilates, GYROTONIC® and yoga and studied and taught these methods in New York, London and Sydney. Later I studied and incorporated Thai massage, Cranio sacral therapy, Myofascial release, Acu energetics and Aromatherapy into my work.

I became fascinated by the world of energy and how different frequencies can impact our physicality.
I did not know at the time but the gifts that came from sustaining multiple injuries, multiple surgeries, emotional upsets and rebuilding myself each time has set me up on my life’s path to help others to fully embody their life through movement, body work and botanical essences.


Alive in light


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