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With Shona Levy

“Comfort foods and stress”

Vegan Plate Please

Shona Levy

Shona Levy is the founder of 360! For Life! and a vegan lifestyle trainer. She has hosted the Vegan Plate Please page on Facebook for over 10 years and recently started another campaign on 3604Life.

She has been a staunch advocate for healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, motivating the community to reach for a plant-based, whole food diet along with a regimen designed to stimulate the immune system naturally. Shona sits on the board of the Annie Appleseed Project advocating for cancer patients who seek alternative and complimentary cancer treatments. Her speaker series “Cancer, Be Gone!” which launched in 2019, focuses on restoring and renewing the natural body functions and defense mechanisms.

She has spoken on both national and international platforms educating her audiences on food preferences and how they correlate to illness and disease. Shona is currently pursuing a Master Nutrition Certification to advance her knowledge to living a well rounded, sovereign lifestyle.


Natural Stress Reliever Detox Series
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