Handling your stress is a skill!

During Season 1 of the Sovereign Living Summit, we discussed MASTERING the skill of managing your response to stress.

Our amazing guests provided expert knowledge on how keeping the pressure within limits creates safety and wellbeing.

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Our Esteemed Guests and Inspirational Speakers Include:

“The stress of parenting an anxious teen!”

Dana Baker

“Essential oils and the Power of the limbic system”

Christina Rozema

“Resetting the nervous system thru movement”

Lisa Wood

“Breaking the cycle of compassion fatigue”

Leslie Sandra Black

“Reduce stress with Energy Medicine”

Simone Salewski

“Overcome the overwhelm”

Sabrina Runbeck

“Become emotionally sovereign”

Cory Michelle

“How supressed emotions cause disease”

Jim Hostler

“Sovereign living requires a sovereign soul”

Darrell Jones

“Comfort foods and stress”

Shona Levy

“Deconditioning by design ”

Jamila Jamie

“Transformational art for stress relief”

Raven Van Asten

“Finding outlets for stress”

Jody Deane
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